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GUNNAR Optiks on NBC 4 Los Angeles

GUNNAR Optiks on NBC 4 Los Angeles This week on NBC 4 Los Angeles, Game Guru Marcus Beer joined the Today In LA Weekend crew to talk about GUNNAR Optiks and some other essential gaming tech. The feature was for NBC 4 “Dads & Grads” segment. The takeaway: GUNNAR Optiks is the ultimate graduation or […]

Gamer Soundtracks: Benjamin Bear is the <cite>Wizard</cite>

Gamer Soundtracks: Benjamin Bear is the Wizard The rap game is not always one that is played on an even playing field. While the mainstream corrals the sheep on Top 40 radio, independent hip-hop artists push their creative boundaries and focus strong on the art of the lyrics and music. The segmentation at the independent […]

Gamer Soundtracks: XoC Travels <cite>Divergent Timelines</cite>

Gamer Soundtracks: XoC Travels Divergent Timelines In reviewing music, hip-hop in particular, you tend to look for idiosyncrasies within the music in order to distinguish it from the others. At first, it was simply being in the genre of nerdcore that distinguished certain hip-hop acts from the mainstream ones. Now, within that genre, and as […]

5 Awesome Indie Games for Independence Day

5 Awesome Indie Games for Independence Day In the United States, Independence Day celebrates freedom. It comes right after Canada Day, a day also about freedom. No matter what part of North America you are in though, July 4th is also “shoot fireworks out of your driveway at my house” day. At least, it seems […]