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Establish Your Visual Supremacy on PLANET ARKADIA

What if you stepped into a new life on a distant planet, where every item had a real-life value? Do you dream of starting over? Do you dream of a world of abundance? Planet Arkadia is more than a game. It’s as REAL as the money in your wallet. Create your virtual avatar and get […]

ActiveRespawn: Gunnar Optiks Phantom Gaming Eyewear

ActiveRespawn: Gunnar Optiks Phantom Gaming Eyewear By Mikey V, ActiveRespawn.com I know a lot of you guys have heard of “gaming eyewear” and just cant seem to pull yourself to buy them, and for those who haven’t heard of them yet thats what I’m here for. Gunnar Optiks makes specialty glasses for gamers, computer users […]

Tech2: GUNNAR Call of Duty MW3 Gaming Eyewear Review

Tech2: GUNNAR Call of Duty MW3 Gaming Eyewear Review By Nachiket Mhatre, Tech2.in.com Of all the gadgets and gear on my desktop, the monitor happens to be the most expensive piece of equipment, which is followed by the graphics card and spectacles. Yes, you heard it right—spectacles. Just like the monitor and graphics card, they […]

TNW: GUNNAR Optiks Introduces Crystalline Glasses

Gunnar Optiks introduces Crystalline — Glare-reducing glasses for graphic designers and video pros by Brad McCarty, The Next Web Let’s talk about your eyes for a moment. Since you’re reading this, I’m going to venture a guess that you spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer. Chances are that, at the […]