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Be My Augmented Valentine’s Day Reality

Be My Augmented Valentine’s Day Reality “The story of the events and the people who over centuries came together to bring us in from the cold and to wrap us in a warm blanket of technology is a matter of vital importance. Since more and more of that technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives […]

GUNNAR Optiks Locks Down Eyewear Patents

GUNNAR Optiks Locks Down Eyewear Patents Here at GUNNAR Optiks, the technology behind our glasses is the life blood of our company. Protecting these innovations is a key point in being able to change your visual world for the better, while still keeping costs to the consumer low. So we’re proud to announce that U.S. […]

Introducing the Vinyl Onyx Gunmetal

We’ve just added a new color to the popular Vinyl Onyx style: the Vinyl Onyx Gunmetal! Perfect for those looking for greater coverage and hip styling, the Vinyl Onyx Gunmetal adds a flare of Gunmetal color to each temple. Mastered with the best of both worlds, VINYL’S modern digital lines combine with a vintage silhouette. […]