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Doomsday Prep For Gamers

Doomsday Prep For Gamers The latest doomsday craze is about to come to fruition, that of the end of the Mayan Calendar. Of course it’s really an arbitrary date based on a calendar system that is itself, arbitrary. The whole thing is a mess and misunderstood, but regardless, people love to theorize about the end […]

Square Enix Promotes Cyber-Bullying With <cite>Hitman</cite> Ad Campaign

Square Enix Promotes Cyber-Bullying With Hitman Ad Campaign UPDATE: Square Enix has pulled the ad, even before this post was published. That has got to be a record. They released a statement, which is posted below. Video game advertising is creative, I’ll admit that much. The latest campaign from Activision/Treyarch promoting Call of Duty: Black […]