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The GUNNAR Call of Duty LAN set to stream live on Twitch.TV

The GUNNAR Call of Duty LAN, hosted by professional gaming teams Team EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming, is a community event designed to foster the discussion of development and competition for the Call of Duty franchise as well as to showcase the talent, tips and tricks of various professional players and content creators within the community. This should be a great event […]

Gaming Gear – Gunnar Eyewear Review – Button Combo

Getting both raved, and hated reviews, Gunnar Eyewear have one intention in mind, to help your eyes. Be it your cell phone, laptop, computer monitor or even your TV. Gunnar only really attest to one feature, to help you focus better and relieve your eyes from strain of common LCD/LED displays. I will be giving […]

Review: Gunnar Optiks computing eyewear – Neowin

Recently a company has begun offering special glasses, or “digital performance eyewear” to aid people who sit behind a screen all day. Most have either seen these glasses advertised somewhere, or part of a typical “geek” store. While the glasses seem questionable, especially having to blindly put up at least $100, Gunnar Optiks assures you […]

Gunnar Optiks Shredder Digital Eyewear – BenchmarkReviews.com

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Gunnar Optiks. Many of us take our eyes for granted nearly every day, as we spend countless hours in front of a computer monitor until the strain sends us home at night. Some people spend an entire day in front of the […]