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Hello everyone! Well it’s been a minute since I’ve jumped on here but it’s great to be back! With all of the craziness of CES finally dying down, it’s nice to get back in the groove of things. Since our last post, we got another GREAT review from Inside SimRacing; check it out below (it […]

The last CES Re-Cap you will from me I swear!

Hello GUNNAR Fans! Boy was Vegas and CES 2011 a HUGE success for us! As you can tell by now, we definitely had the internet (and attendees @ CES) going nuts this year! And though the late nights and various activities may wear some folks out, I was always good to go thanks to my […]

50 Cent

Hey GUNNAR Fans! With all of the amazing press we picked up from CES, check out this article from the NY Times HERE 50 Cent: Facebook Is Worth $50 Billion, Maybe More Curtis Jackson, more commonly known as 50 Cent, has parlayed his career as a hip-hop artist into a multi-faceted business and a tidy […]